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Whether your concern be general womb care, reproductive health, PMS discomforts, repressed trauma, depression & anxiety - together we can discuss preventative care, holistic healing and emotional support. I can also provide you with the information and tools to help achieve an holistic approach to fertility, miscarriage, pregnancy or postpartum, depending on what part of your reproductive journey you are hoping to assist.

Full consultation sessions are coming soon but for now I am providing mini consults where we can discuss your concerns or questions over the phone. I will direct you to resources as well as provide you with information sheets for holistic care should this be needed.

Phone Consultations

Phone or facetime consult where we can discuss questions or concerns. I will then guide you towards information to assist your healing.

  • Please email your questions or topics to discuss before the consult

45 Min Fee £35

It is important to note that I am not a doctor or medical professional so I do not diagnose or treat health concerns. I support and give informative tools to assist in your return to better health. The goal is to help expose and alleviate the cause of concern or ailment and then assist you in restoring balance.