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"Leata is incredible"

and I was extremely grateful to have her be a part of my pregnancy and childbirth. She is a lovely person with a very calm and comfortable energy. She has a soothing touch, an acute instinct for when to jump in and when to pull back, and was quick to step in to help whenever possible with peripheral childbirth related tasks such as organizing a private recovery room at the hospital. She placed a high priority on understanding exactly what we wanted from our childbirth experience and provided clear guidance in making decisions about aspects that we hadn't yet considered. From the beginning I found her easy to get along with and work with. She is smart, clear, proactive, and professional. Her background in Reiki was a tremendously helpful asset, especially toward the end of my pregnancy when a little extra TLC was particularly appreciated. She was a delight and an absolute pleasure to work with and I give her my highest possible recommendation.

- Sarah


“Leata! We had a baby! And you helped!”

Thank you so much for everything.it was really important to have you with us. You were steady, calming, warm, and really held us down. We're super grateful. Thank you. 

- Yotam & Bianca


“I can't say enough good things about Leata”

in short, she is fantastic and exactly the type of person you would want by your side before, during, and after labor. My husband and I just had our first child and going into it we had no idea what to expect. After being matched with Leata, we had three pre-natal visits in which she recommended books and documentaries and helped us write up a birth plan. The information she gave us was directive without being pushy. She was consistently available, helpful and responsive to all of our questions and concerns and met us at the hosptial within minutes of us letting her know we were on our way. At the hosptial she was calm and empathic, a soothing presence for both my husband and me. With her support, I labored unmedicated for many hours. I ended up having an unplanned c-section during which only my husband was allowed into the operating room with me, but Leata stayed on to help out with simple things that we couldn't have managed on our own, like moving our bags to the recovery room, getting water and reminding us to breathe. While in recovery, she helped me to begin breastfeeding my newborn daughter and waited with us for as long as we needed her. Even after she left the hospital she followed up with us several times to see how we were doing and to ask if there was anything we needed.

I would enthusiastically recommend Leata to anyone looking for a doula. She is warm, professional, and tremendously supportive. 

- Elizabeth & Brian


“Hiring Leata-Mae was simply the best decision I made during my pregnancy.”

She surpassed all expectations and was an essential part of my son's birth. This was a pleasant surprise since I was new to doulas and my husband was skeptical of hiring someone when the hospital is full of doctors and nurses. Yet Leata-Mae is one of those rare professionals who works harder and cares more than anyone else in the room. From the moment we met, she put us at ease and made us feel excited about our first birth. Over several prenatal sessions, she helped us determine our birth preferences, taught us pain management techniques and gave me a relaxing reiki treatment. She was a fountain of information and emotional support and never judged our decisions —her guidance proved to be more valuable than a childbirth class we took earlier in the pregnancy. We faced complications in the third trimester plus a 41-hour labor that ended in a C-section. Leata-Mae was there for it all. She gave up sleep and food for days to hold my hand through the experience. Afterward, she visited us in the hospital and at home to make sure we were well. When I ran into a breastfeeding issue and my doctor wouldn't help, Leata-Mae gave me advice that quickly resolved it. It's rare to receive such amazing service. Leata is passionate about her work and a total pro — you won't regret having her on your birth team. Whatever she charges you, she's worth twice as much.

- Stephanie & Chris


“We don't even know where to begin when it comes to thanking you!”

Couldn't have asked for a more caring, dedicated and knowledgeable person to be part of this experience. Having you with us was PRICELESS!

— Beth & Chris