Womb Wellness Blend

Womb Wellness Blend


Womb wellness blend is a light and nourishing tea that helps to support your reproductive well being.

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Made with the finest herbs, these loose leaf blends have no preservatives, artificial flavouring or colours, ensuring you have all you need for the perfect cup of tea.


Organic Red Raspberry Leaf

Red Raspberry Leaf is high in magnesium, irons and b-vitamins. It also strengthens the uterus and pelvic muscles making this combination beneficial for the female reproductive system.

Organic Nettle

Nettle is extremely high in vitamins and minerals. It also nourishes the uterus and adrenal glands.

Organic Oatstraw

Oatstraw nourishes the nervous system making it helpful in relieving stress and anxiety.

Organic Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm is a calming herb that aims to promote a peaceful sleep as well as protecting and supporting the liver helping to keep your body working at its best.