Lactation Blend

Lactation Blend


Lactation blend helps to support and encourage milk production.

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Made with the finest herbs, these loose leaf blends have no preservatives, artificial flavouring or colours, ensuring you have all you need for the perfect cup of tea.

Directions for use:

* 1-1.5 tsp into an infuser or empty tea bag

* Pour boiling water over & cover to stop nutrients from escaping in the steam

* Steep for 6-8 min, then enjoy!

For increased milk supply purposes, steep 2-3tsp per cup and have 3 cups per day. Once supply has increased you can maintain supply with breast stimulation.

PLEASE NOTE : Consult your GP or Midwife before taking herbal supplements or tea.


  • Organic Fennel


    Fennel can help aid digestion and ease bloating and gas. It also can help to support milk supply.

  • Organic Nettle


    Nettle is highly nutritious and nourishing to the body. It is extremely high in vitamins and minerals. It also nourishes the uterus and adrenal glands.

  • Organic Goats Rue


    Goats Rue is a diuretic that can help to protect the liver. It also stimulates milk supply.

  • Organic Fenugreek


    Fenugreek has been known to be a woman reproductive health supporter. It can help ease mensuration pains and uterus concerns as well as increase milk supply.

  • Organic Alfalfa


    Alfalfa is highly nutritious and has been known to increase milk supply.

  • Organic Red Raspberry Leaf


Red Raspberry Leaf is high in vitamins and can help to nourish the uterus.

Research all herbs before digesting.