The first time most women in the U.S. witness childbirth is when they're actually giving birth themselves. But it doesn't have to be that way. Romper's video series, Doula Diaries, is focused on the women who help other women give birth…

Watch what happens when this brave doula's client doesn't make it to the birthing center in episode 1 of Romper's docuseries, Doula Diaries!


When you're a mom who has previously lost a pregnancy, giving birth for the first time can be terrifying. Watch Regina guide her client through three days of labor on Episode 2 of Doula Diaries.


A doula's work doesn't end after the baby is born. In Maria's case, it's just beginning. Watch Maria help her client through the very first days after her c-section on Episode 3 of Doula Diaries.


Christine reunites with one of her dearest clients for the birth of their second baby on Episode 4 of Doula Diaries.