gentle support that helped my pregnancy nausea

Morning sickness is common during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, with around 7 out of 10 pregnant people experiencing nausea or vomiting or both!

The most popular theory for the cause of this is said to be because of the pregnancy hormone - human chorionic gonadotropin (HcG) which is released by the placenta after implantation. However doctors are still not 100% able to confirm.

While most find relief after the first trimester, many still suffer from sickness well past this, with an unlucky few having it for their entire pregnancy.

I had it for the first 22weeks while pregnant with Iah. I felt awful for the majority of the time. I was uneasy from the all day nausea and I throwing up at least once a day.

Up until around 18weeks, I survived mostly on simple things like crackers, apples and water but sometimes, on good days I could keep down nutritious smoothies and that’s what helped me get through the day.

On days where I felt really bad, I looked to alternatives to give me that extra support.


Five gentle ways to relieve nausea and sickness

1) Magnesium Oil

This mix of magnesium chloride and water isn’t actually an oil but is applied to skin just like one. I would rub this oil over the largest parts of me - bump & thighs - for maximum absorption.

Studies have shown that increasing your intake of magnesium and vitamin B6 during pregnancy can help to reduce the symptoms of morning sickness.

Please note, if you aren’t familiar with magnesium applied topically and/or have low magnesium levels(which is the majority of us), it can feel quite itchy when the oil is first applied, this is until your body gets used to it.

Try starting out with leaving the oil on for 10minutes before showering or wiping off.

2) Acupressure bands

I wore these on my wrists when the nausea would really start to kick in.

They help to stimulate pressure points that have been proven to reduce queasy tummy’s and vomiting. You’ll find that They are also used for travel sickness relief.

3) Peppermint

If you’ve told anyone about your morning sickness, chances are you’ve heard ginger being recommended in every form possible. And while ginger does work for some, it really didn’t for me.

So instead I used peppermint.

I used the aromatherapy approach and diffused the essential oil. I also found chewing gum or authentic peppermint mints helped too.

Peppermint tea is also helpful but be mindful not to drink this if you are also suffering from heartburn as it can make it worse.

4) Magnesium & lavender bath soaks

I had long restful baths every night while pregnant. It helped to soak in them before bed to help calm my entire body down and aid relaxation.

As the skin is the biggest organ, it therefore has good absorbing qualities which is great as magnesium is quite difficult to absorb orally. Hence bath flakes & oil being the best way to absorb all the benefits.

Lavender is known globally as the calming and relaxing herb. I was always a bit meh about the smell until I became pregnant, and then I was obsessed with it. Having it in my bath really helped relieve any stress. I could relax the tension held in my body therefore calming any nausea. These baths made me feel so much better I would often have two a day.

5) CBD Oil

CBD is a non psychoactive substance found in the cannabis plant. As it has no mind altering effects or is seen as a drug, It is therefore completely legal and has many major health benefits. The oil used is an extract of CBD blended with a carrier like hemp oil or olive oil. It’s finally starting to become more popular as a natural remedy and is now readily available in most health stores.

CBD supported me when I was having tough days keeping any food down. It really helped to settle my stomach and allow me to eat without nausea.

Please note although cannabinoids have been consumed by many pregnant women over the years to relieve symptoms such as nausea, more research is yet to be done on the effects of taking while pregnant. Please do your own research before making an informed decision.

When to get further help

Although I felt miserable with sickness, I could still get out of bed and do basic things like look after myself.

For some pregnant people, even doing the simplest task can be unachievable.

If you are really struggling, aren’t keeping any food or water down and are throwing up multiple times a day or even per hour, please seek medical help. You may be suffering from hypemesis gravidarum, which some refer to as severe morning sickness but it’s a lot more complicated than that and could potentially be dangerous.

Book in with your GP or speak to your midwife for further advice on ways to help.

There is also a great support network you can get in touch with called Pregnancy Sickness Support which offers comfort, advice and guidance on all things pregnancy sickness related.

It’s important you take it easy during any stage of your pregnancy and put your well being first.

And most importantly - don’t forget to stay hydrated!

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or medical professional so always consult with your GP or Midwife before using products, herbs or remedies.