similar yet very different

When your days are busy or you aren’t feeling your best, it can be hard to eat or drink things that are nourishing and feel good for your body. That’s why juices and smoothies are a great way of packing in those much needed nutrients with the least amount of prep time. Increasing your intake of fruit and vegetables is crucial to maintaining a healthy body and mind and have been show to reduce the risk of developing many illnesses and diseases.

When you eat good, you feel good. 




With juicing, you extract all of the water and nutrients in the produce, leaving behind the pulp which is mainly the insoluble fiber, making it a lot easier for your body to digest. This also means that all that goodness hits your bloodstream quicker. This is great if you have a sensitive digestive system or you’re feeling under the weather and need nourishing fast. 

You dont lose all of the fiber when juicing. Soluble fiber remains, which absorbs water in your intestines and acts as a pre-biotic to support healthy bacteria in the gut.

You can also pack in a lot more servings of fruit and veggies into one serving of juice - so it should be easy to fit in your daily nutritional needs.




With smoothies you get the same amount of nutrients plus all the added insoluable fiber from using the entire fruit and vegetable. This makes them more filling and encourages a slower and steadier release into your bloodstream via your digestive system.

You’ll also find that drinking more smoothies will reduce any cravings you have, especially if you add in protein. The insoluable fiber takes up more room in your stomach so you feel fuller.


Tips for making Juices & Smoothies


1: Pre-Chop ingredients, portion & freeze into bags. You then have a go to smoothie already done - just throw into blender & add juice or water.

2: Try to drink your juice or smoothie pretty soon after making it as exposure to light and air will start to break down the nutrients. 


3: If you don’t have a juicer, you can blend double the amount of ingredients you normally would per serving and then strain through a Muslim cloth, coffee filter or sieve.


4: When blending a smoothie, add liquid first so you don’t damage the blades and also blend in stages when using leafy greens or chunky produce. This way your smoothie will be smooth and you won’t be stuck with big chunks throughout.


5: Add avocado instead of dairy, like yogurt, to get a creamier texture for your smoothies.



I personally prefer smoothies, not only are they a great filling way to start the day but I like that you can include extra nutritional ingredients like superfood powders, seeds and healthy fats like avocados and almond butter. Plus, it’s lot tidier and quicker than juicing!


Either way, although Juices and smoothies have slightly different benefits, both are equally healthy and are a great add on to your diet.


Please note:

If you are juicing just fruit, you are removing the digestible fiber so when you ingest you will be absorbing the liquid quicker which can cause a rapid spike in blood sugar levels. Be mindful of the amount you take in, especially if you are on medication.