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 Hi, I’M Leata-Mae!

I am a parent, full spectrum doula & Holistic well being facilitator, based in London,uk. 

My Pronouns are She/Her/They/Them.

While passionate about advocating for reproductive, racial & birth justice, my work is also focused on encouraging others to stay informed & empowered when it comes to their self care and self love. Emotional and spiritual healing isn’t linear but it is something we all deserve, however that may look like to us as individuals. I will forever remain a student in this work and I aim to continuously deepen my knowledge, skills and understanding.

While on both my personal & professional journey, I gained insight and knowledge surrounding reproductive education, womb health, emotional wellbeing & healing from a holistic perspective. I believe we all have the innate intelligence to achieve our most optimum well-being, but somewhere along the way we lost touch with this understanding. My goal is to support & gently guide you back to that wisdom with empathy and education.

Through my storytelling, devotion to boundaries and passion for communication, I aim to bring about connection and compassion via community based healing.

For real time updates and to find out more about me & my journey, check in on my Instagram 

With love,